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Live Your Mountain it’s a mix of three passion: Sport, Mountain and Management

Sport as hymn to life and to be happy with themselves and with others

Sport as way for sociability and sharing, with unique potential.

“Live Your Mountain” as incitement to live the environment and the land around us, experiencing it as a gift that nature has provided. Appreciating and respecting it in such a way that we can work and live with him, so that future generations have a different hope.

“Live Your Mountain” as a form of understanding that nothing is achieved without hard work, and boost to be serene living our difficulties as an element of growth.

Management as the finalization of his own inclinations, as an effort to address the energies expressed by the territory  for guide it at the creation of structured territorial system.

These three elements, Sport, Mountain and Management are the challenge contained in the “Live Your Mountain” business idea, whose success it’s testimony of a territory, of men and passions of which no one can ever deprive us!


Project Management

Consultancy and external support for managing complex projects, even on a quarterly basis. Goals sharing, single task definition, with roles and priorities assignment. Budgeting, monitoring and reporting, financial as well operational. Availability to travel.

Coordination and Marketing

Multiple stages event coordination, defining single stage standard quality to ensure high level event. Sport events direct organization, in summer as well in winter, with a strong regional focus. Modular Marketing and Commercial spaces for customer.

Local Area Promoting

Definition and creation of sport events that enhance the features of the local territory. Institutional promotion through using of suitable photo-video material properly conveyed.

Young Talents Support

Economic and managerial support to young sport talents, in order to them educate the future generations to sport and land culture.

Status Main Projects

Abruzzo Outdoor Experience – GO LYM
100 %
Skialpdeiparchi 2023
10 %
Abruzzo Vertical Cup – Trofeo La Sportiva 2023 (planning)
40 %