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“Next Generation” Project

Training and mentoring of young people, who are sports and mountain environment enthusiast so that through the direct example of experienced people can live the area around them in all its facets taking strength and inspiration for the future.

Local Sport Projects Definition

Sport projects identification that starting from the environmental context they can enhance the features in terms of enhancement and promotion.

Teams Work definition

Project sharing with local "active people", so that they too are focused on the objectives to be achieved.

Project Marketing

Looking for sponsors and partners, public and private, that sharing objectives and projects target will economically support the performance and the results achievement by taking advantage of the marketing space. Of note, the chance to have innovative web visibility through live streaming and Web TV services.

Project Follow-up

Single task project monitoring , to better analyse cost deviations and operations targets in order to reach the target maximizing the results.

Report results

Results sharing with sponsors, partners and owners. Critical analysis issues and future improvement areas evaluation.